We take the time to get to know you and identify your personal objectives. Through meaningful dialogue, we listen to your answers to key questions that are crucial when considering a unique investment solution. We work together to tailor an investment framework that defines your particular risk tolerance, time horizon, tax sensitivity and liquidity needs.

Once an investment policy and appropriate asset allocation are agreed upon, we put your capital to work. Our mandate is to provide custom portfolios that deliver competitive, risk-appropriate returns over all market cycles. We believe a Graham and Dodd Value Investing approach, across all asset classes, allows steady and consistent performance over time.

Our goal is to build and preserve your wealth. Using our pool of resources, we identify and employ an array of investible assets in order to optimize risk-adjusted returns. In general, portfolios are made up of individual equities, fixed income securities, and alternative investment opportunities. The use of ETFs, specialty Mutual funds, or Reg D offerings may also be appropriate to address client-specific needs.

As Registered Investment Advisors, we strive to manage your portfolio as cost-effectively, transparently and hassle-free as possible. Because we are unbiased financial advocates, we are independent and free of any conflicts of interest. We are a fee-only investment advisor. No commissions are made and compensation is not tied to the selection of any specific investment.

Your assets are custodied with a third-party brokerage firm selected by you. While we have discretionary authority to trade on your behalf, we never have direct access to any funds. In addition, we work in concert with your tax and legal professionals, seamlessly carrying out your estate planning directives and tax related tasks.

Our approach is simple. You’re in control – we do the work.