Alternative Investments

An alternative investment is simply an investment that is not a traditional stock, bond or cash holding. Needelman Asset Management seeks to provide long-term investors with capital appreciation and income through the application of the value discipline across all asset classes – thus providing important diversification benefits to traditional equity investors.
Our mandate is to provide consistent, competitive performance over all market cycles. We achieve these results by rigorously scrutinizing the price we pay for any investment, and broadly diversifying across a spectrum of assets with unique risk/reward characteristics.

By developing close relationships with its partners over the years, Needelman Asset Management has offered its investors millions in securitized alternative investments with uncorrelated returns to the broader markets. With stable income and returns well above 10-year treasury yields, we have successfully assisted our investors in diversifying and growing their investment portfolios.

In addition to traditional equity and fixed income securities, we select and invest in a variety of instruments that offer steady passive returns including:

  • Trust Deeds
  • Private Securities
  • Master Limited Partnerships
  • Bank Loans
  • Managed futures

As with every asset class, alternative investments involve unique characteristics. Examples include sponsor execution, illiquidity and tax consequences. Prior to investing clients should carefully consider the appropriateness of these characteristics in light of their overall objective, time horizon, and asset allocation.